Council on Aging Minutes 11/16/06
The following minutes of the November 16, 2006, Regular Meeting were approved
at the Meeting of the COA on December 14, 2006.
27 Maple Street
Arlington, MA 02476-4909

Robert Tosi, Jr., Chair
Paul West, Vice Chair
Shirley Chapski, Secretary

Regular Meeting of the Council on Aging
November 16, 2006

Place and Time of Meeting:  Arlington Senior Center, 27 Maple St., Arlington, 7:30 p.m.
Members Present:  Robert Tosi, Jr., Paul West, Ann MacGowan, Harry McCabe, William Carey Karen Nichols and Shirley Chapski.
Members Absent:  Mildred Hurd and Ruth Palombo.
Others Present:  John Jope, COA Executive Director, and Elisa Lopez, President, Arlington Seniors Association
Quorum Identification/Call to Order:  Bob Tosi, Jr. presided and Shirley Chapski, Secretary,  kept the minutes. A quorum of 7 was present. The board welcomed new member, Karen Nichols.
Minutes of the October 19, 2006 Meeting:  Shirley moved to receive the Minutes of October 19, 2006 meeting for purposes of discussion; Harry seconded.  There being no corrections to the minutes, Harry moved to accept the minutes, Paul seconded; all in favor.  Motion carried.
Citizens Open Forum:  Bill Carey spoke on the recent robberies at Mill St.  Paul said there have been similar occurrences at Winslow Towers and steps have been taken by the Housing Authority to  prevent further break ins.

REPORT OF THE CHAIR:  Bob Tosi commented as follows:
Bill Murphy, COA Transportation and Volunteer Coordinator, produces a monthly newsletter, Headlines, which most of the members are currently receiving by postal mail. Bob asked if the members would agree to receiving the newsletter by email.  Those who want to continue to receive the newsletter by regular mail may do so.
•Change of Date for the December Meeting:  There being no objection to changing the date of the next regular meeting from Dec. 21, 2006 to Dec. 14, 2006, Harry moved to change the December meeting to Thursday, Dec. 14, 2006 at 7:30, Shirley seconded, six in favor, Bill abstained because he can’t attend on that date. Motion carried.
•MCOA Conference Oct. 11-13, 22006:  Shirley Chapski and Karen Nichols, who attended the conference, shared their impressions with the council. Shirley spoke on the workshops she attended, most notably Assessing Senior Program Interests Among Older Adults Town-wide (the process of conducting a survey).  Discussion followed on the possibility of Arlington COA doing a similar study.
   Karen talked about the several workshops she attended one of which was on Alzheimer’s Disease and the progress that has been made in early diagnosing of the disease, and another session was Elder Economics Security Standard which was based on a study being conducted by Univ of Mass on income levels and people needs. Karen also enjoyed meeting attendees from other senior centers.

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR’S REPORT:  The Executive Director’s report is attached hereto and made a part of the minutes. John made the following additions:  
•Flu Clinic — Flu shots will be given November 30th at St. Athanasius Church, Mass. Av. COA vans will be operating to assist in transporting people.
•The COA Farmer Trust Issue:  On October 23 the Board of Selectmen gave permission to spend from the trust. In addition to John, Karen Nichols and Paul West attended the meeting.
•Sevoyan Dial-a-Ride Scholarship Program: Those eligible to participate must have annual incomes of 30% of the median income level or less. HUD guidelines as of March 2006 list median income at $59,000. 30% of that amount is $17.700.
•MCOA News: John distributed a MCOA bulletin outlining the governor’s 9c cuts which encompasses several Elder Affairs line items. One cut would be $250,000 from line item #9110-9002 — aid to local councils on aging. The recent increase of $3800 in Arlington’s Formula Grant is in jeopardy. The MCOA’s Advisory Council will meet Nov. 17 to discuss options and strategy.

•COA Council Annual Goals:  Bob has not received any input since the last meeting concerning any goals the board would like to see accomplished.  Harry referred to line 8 of the list of goals, “Meet with Fincom subcommittee on Human Services-Jan/Feb 06.” Harry said it would be better if it read Feb/Mar ‘07.  Correction will be made.
•Review Recommendations of Sevoyan Task Force:  Copies of the policy statement in its original form as well as a marked up version will be included in the agenda package for discussion at the December 14 meeting of the COA. It was then moved, seconded and voted in favor that the Sevoyan Bequest Committee meet prior to Dec. 14 to discuss the recommendations proposed by the Sevoyan Policy Task Force. Motion carried. A date was agreed upon — Tuesday, January 9, 2007 at 7:30 p.m.

•Funding ”File of Life” for Seniors:  John spoke about the “File of Life” packet which lists a person’s medical information and can be taken to the hospital along with the patient in case of emergency. Depending on the number purchased, for example, 1000 to 4999 units would cost 59¢ apiece. Discussion followed on seeking an organization to partner with us in funding the program.  Harry suggested that if John put a package together he would go with John to present the concept to the Rotary Club who might be interested in such a project.
•COA Representative/Liaison to Minuteman Senior Services:  Harry distributed copies of the 2005-2006 Minuteman Senior Services Annual Report. At its recent annual meeting Arlington’s Dr. Harold Forbes was elected President. Harry and Dorothy Sullivan will continue as liaison/representatives. Based on a fact sheet distributed at the annual meeting, for fiscal year 2006 Minuteman served 2635 clients in Arlington for a dollar amount of over $2M.
•COA Representative/Liaison to the Seniors Association:  No report.
•Arlington Seniors Association Representative to COA:  Elisa Lopez reported that someone was taken ill at the center recently and she learned from the Coordinator’s report that the COA nurse had been sent for. Elisa wonders if that was proper procedure. John said it is OK to get the nurse and if she is free she will respond. The proper procedure, however, as given by Elder Affairs regarding senior centers, is to call 911. If the person taken ill doesn’t wish to go to the hospital she can take it up with the EMT.

Elisa Lopez and Bill Carey left the meeting.

•Budget Committee:  The committee met November 15th. The Transportation Enterprise Fund was discussed. Presently, the program is taking in less than it is spending. The sources of income for the program are revenues and CDBG funds. Two reasons there is less revenue are that we no longer have the contract with Cooperative Elder Services to transport their elders and COA van drivers were granted a raise which came out of the Transportation Enterprise Fund.
John distributed two documents — an overview of the Transportation Program and the Transportation Enterprise Fund’s Financial History.  Discussion followed on the COA transportation funds and the $10,000 item for van replacement (planned capital expense).  Harry felt we should follow through with acquiring the new van; the reason being that the $10K has already been budgeted. Bob pointed out that the $10K will come out of the Enterprise fund. He also stated that the information/referral position should not be coming out of transportation-- it is not a transportation expense. It should be in the COA budget to be funded from the general funds.
Next, Harry moved that we proceed with the procurement of the new van as planned and applied for to the MA Dept. of Transportation; Paul seconded; five voted in favor, one against. Motion carried.
•Transportation Committee:  Bob will call a meeting of the committee as soon as possible and is looking for another person to serve on this Committee.
•Sevoyan Bequest Committee: As stated above, the committee will meet on January 9, 2007.
•Senior Center Outreach Task Force:  Karen Nichols expressed an interest in joining the committee and Ann MacGowan suggested Karen contact Bill Murphy, COA. Ann reported that only a few members attended a recent meeting and Bill wants to bring in more people. The task force will soon begin discussions on ways to distribute the recently completed informational brochure.
•Joint Task Force of COA and ASA:  A time for the committee to meet will be set up soon.  Ann MacGowan agreed to serve on the committee along with Bob and Shirley. The ASA is represented by Elisa Lopez and Charles Schwab. John Jope and Joan Pippin are also on the committee.

   There being no further business to come before the meeting, Harry moved to adjourn; Shirley seconded; all in favor. Motion carried.      Adjourned at 9:30 p.m.

Shirley Chapski,  Secretary

Next Regular Meeting  December 14, 2006 at 7:30 p.m.


November 16, 2006

the mission of the council on aging is to provide advocacy and support services
to help arlington elders live dignified and independent lives

1.      Continue to partner with Board of Health arranging this year's flu clinic.

2.      Permission to spend from the COA Farmer Trust fund was given by the board of selectmen at their scheduled October 23 meeting.

3.      The Sevoyan Dial-a-Ride Scholarship Program being activated.

4.      The Lahey-supported Tai Chi and Aquasize programs began this month.

5.      Arlington COA Director was an invited speaker/panel member at
Harvard Divinity School's Theological Education Day, November 9.

6.      Our quarterly dental screening was held on November 15.