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Water/Sewer Billing Changes January 2014
In its continuing efforts to streamline operations and provide more accurate and equitable billing, the Town of Arlington will be updating its Water and Sewer billing rate structure and billing frequency. The major changes include the introduction of a new three-tiered rate structure in January 2014 and quarterly billing starting July 2014.  The rate changes will make the Town consistent with modern billing practices.  Quarterly billing will also allow the quicker detection of problems for customers, such as water leaks.

A Water/Sewer Rate Study was conducted and recommendations made to the Arlington Board of Selectmen on June 17, 2013 by the Town’s consultant, Woodcock & Associates.  The rate study served as the basis for these adjustments and provides background on why these recommendations were made and accepted by the Board. You can read the study and recommendations here.

Changes to the billing structure include:
1.      Three billing tiers will replace the current two tiers:
- The first tier is set for use from 0 through 30 ccf’s (hundred cubic feet) per six month billing period (about 125 gallons/day).  About 50% of the Town’s customers use less than this and just over 50% of the total water sales will be billed at the first tier rate.
- The second tier is set for use from 31 through 60 ccf’s.  Nearly 90% of the customers use less than 60 ccf’s per six month period, and approximately 25% of the total water use will be billed at the second tier rate.
- The third tier is set for all use in excess of 60 ccf’s per six-month billing period.  About 10% of the Town’s customers will be subject to this highest tier rate, which includes about 25% of the total sales.

2.      The current Administrative Charge will vary based upon the size of a customer’s water meter. Fee schedule here.

3.      Accounts with private fire protection will receive a new fee based on service size.

4.      In July of 2014 the Town will implement Town-wide quarterly billing.  Depending on your current billing cycle, this first bill may be as low as one month of water usage or as high as 6 months.  After the July 2014 bill, all future billing will be for 3 months of use.

Timeline of Water/Sewer Rate Adjustments

January 2014: Implement new water and sewer rate structure, including the new tier structure (shown below), revised administrative charge, and new private fire service charge.

July 1, 2014: Convert to quarterly billing for water and sewer bills. The rate tiers shown are for semi-annual billing and will be adjusted for quarterly billing.  Rate changes for Fiscal Year 2015 will be brought before the Board of Selectmen in the spring of 2014.

In FY 2016, the Town will evaluate the possible adoption of new sewer methodology and rates to address irrigation use.

Summary of Rate Adjustments

SUMMARY OF FY14 WATER/SEWER RATES                                                                  

Water                           Current Tiers/Rates                     Planned Tiers/Rates (Jan 2014)

0-200 ccf/yr
over 200 ccf/yr
0 - 30 ccf/6 months
31 - 60 ccf/6 months
over 60 ccf/6 months

Sewer                           Current Tiers/Rates                     Planned Tiers/Rates (Jan 2014)  

0-1000 ccf/bill
over 1000 ccf/bill
0 - 30 ccf/6 months
31 - 60 ccf/6 months
over 60 ccf/6 months

Administrative Charge (per semi-annual bill) Fee schedule here. 
Based on Meter Size                     
5/8" (typical single family home)       $21.83                  $21.42

RATE COMPARISON - FY 2014               

Current Tiers/Rates                                                                     Planned Tiers/Rates (Jan 2014)
(6 months)                                                                                      (6 months)

*Includes administrative charge

MWRA Consumer Confidence Report - Includes information on Arlington's water quality and helpful tips to conserve water.

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